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PL2015: Uge 25

Gosh, I’ve fallen behind on my PL pages during the summer. 2 months of nausea related to the pregnancy has not been good for the progress of my PL2015 album. But! I simply refuse to let this be yet another year where I do not finish this project. This means I am making my pages even more simple, adding few if any details and I’ll be pressing on to catch up.

Week 25 was a week of friendship and elections. The first part was wonderful as always, the second part did not go they way I would have wished it to.

I love the weeks where we have friends (and their kids) visiting because there are always a lot of pictures to chose from when it comes to putting the PL-pages together. This week was no different.



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PL2015: Week 24

Still pressing on even if I do feel the pressure of catching up. I will get there eventually, I am sure. I’ve cut back a bit on decorations because it is more important for me to simply do the documenting.

Week 24 was a hot week here in Germany but it was also a really good week with time spent with Finn and Lone as well as time away in Ingolstadt with The Augustesens.

Ingolstadt takes up the entire right page of this spread. I chose to add the gift card we got from The Augustesens for our cobber anniversary since it was on a PL card to begin with. And since it was pink it set the tone for the rest of the spread.

I’ve added these pages to Simon Says Stamps’ Monday Challenge: Make a Plan. PL-pages are sort of a planner / diary, and my plan was also to get caught up (or at least to get somewhat caught up) by getting these pages done.



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PL2015: Week 22 & 23


It’s been a while since I posted updated pages from my PL album but here are a few new ones. I didn’t have many pictures from week 22 and 23 so I decided to combine them on just one spread. No need to make it more difficult on myself, right?


Week 22 was define by me attending Online Card Classes Mask-erade, making some jam and both of us attending Aron’s first birthday.


Week 23 was the week of K’s birthday and the poor man was so sick on and around his birthday. Thankfully, he got better during the week but it was not a happy birthday in our house this time around.


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PL2015: Week 21

We had a lovely week on Samsø in week 21 spending an entire lazy week enjoying our friends and the beautiful landscape around us. This spread makes the weather look picture perfect but we did actually have rather a lot of rain… That’s the power of choosing which pictures to take / use.

We had brought a kite with us for Alma to try and fly with – and it was a huge success! Not only was Alma able to fly it by herself within five minutes of seeing how it was done – it was also really, really enjoyable for all four adults! So of course, I had to have a picture of the kite against a gorgeous blue sky as part of this week’s spread.

We went to a birds of prey show with Familien Skovgaard and it was an interesting and fun show where we got very close to the big birds. We also went walking, had pancakes, played games and just had a good time.



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