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12 of 12

Susan mindede mig (og resten af Lifetime) om, at det var tid til månedens 12 of 12, og jeg fik faktisk taget 12 billeder i går. Hvis du ikke kender 12 of 12, så har Chad Darnell fundet på, at man tager 12 billeder, hver gang det bliver den 12. i en måned. Det er en sjov idé – især hvis man husker at deltage… Er der nogen af jer, der er med?

An in honour of Susan; here’s a little English text ;o) I actually remembered 12 of 12 this month even if the pics aren’t spread out over the entire day but more compacted. Here we go:

A pic of the gift box I made for a friend.

This is my date-pic. This time the pic shows our phone in
a somewhat exotic environment for a phone.

I’ve been making a few cards
and the gift box and this is how my room ended up…

Øresund looked terribly dark.

So, this is me with Kronborg Castle in the background.

And we just turned around and look at how dark it is.
Loved all the fishing rods lined up.

This lighthouse sure makes sure
it is visible…

The bridge leading into the castle.

Love that two kings felt the needed to
add their monograms to the entrance.
The sign reads June 2 1806 – K was born 172 years later.

K looking somewhat like Luther.

K retrieving a geocache.

Those were my 12 pics for January 2008.

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12 of 12

It has been the 12th again and that means 12 of 12. Still think it is a great idea, Chad.

First pic this 12 of 12 is my newly “revamped” balcony.
My flowers had dies during July and early august,
so I bought new ones and pumped a little life back into the balcony.

Grandfather Hans-Jørgen with the newly baptised Asger
in front of Asminderød Kirke.
This must be what is called “meta-photography”.
Louise in her beautifully designed garden.
Katja, Anders, Asger and Emilie.
Don’t know where Anna went.
Aunt Jane holding Asger.

Katja and Anders opening the many gifts.

Asger playing with the strap for the kamera.

Kristian’s big finger and Asger’s little foot.

Emilie measuring Anna’s and Asger’s feet against one another.

The cake that Louise made with a variation of chipboard ;o)

The invitation for the baptism to show the date.

This month’s bonus picture with the keyword “light”
– I loved how the light played on Asger’s features.
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12 of 12 July

Posting my first set of pictures for 12 of 12 – and I will comment in English since the project originally is American. And even though it is a long time since July 12th; here the pics are:
Kristian signing our names to a geocache in Liechtenstein
– it was well hidden but we were successfull at last.
There’s a light at the end of the tunnel
– and we sure went through a lot of tunnels.
One of them took us 15-20 minutes to pass through!
A spectacular view of an Austrian valley.
The view from where we believed the cache to be.
Kristian walking beneath the actual cache-spot
– in Austria.

Mussolini’s drowned tower
– it is situated beautifully.

Me and the tower.

Kristian with the third cache of the day
– this one in Italy.

And old church tower

We keep being amazed at the things people bring on vacation
this family had 4 bikes and a CAR along with their mobil home.

Scrapbooking in Bolzano, Italy

The parket ticket showing the date.

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