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12 of 12 – July

Yesterday was July 12th and time for 12 of 12. Kristian and I had a great day visiting Kristian’s parents and going to a nearby Tram Museum.

11:40: The mess left by scrapping.

13:43: Turns ahead
– and such a vivid red against the countryside.

13:44: I wonder how many pics
we have of K with the yellow gps in hand

13:45: Here comes the rain again…

13:46: Rippening

14:18: Driving off
towards adventures of the past.

14:22: The tram that would have brought us home
had we still had trams in Copenhagen.

14:38: A German tram in Denmark.
15:48: Nørrebrogade had too much traffic
– even in 1945! And still nothing has changed.

16:22: I’ll admit that I took this pic because of the colours
– but it does sit on my inlaws plot for their new home.

21:21: Skate park near Roskilde
– beautiful graffiti art.

21:22: Look – even a pic of the missus herself.

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12 of 12 June

So, yesterday was June 12 which means that is was time for 12 of 12. I’ve forgotten to take pics for the past two months but I remembered yesterday.

The first pot of tea of the day.

Checking email – 2 unread and 326 read ones.
Ugh how I hate spam mail!

My fresh herbs in the kitchen window
– I love that there’s room for them there.

The view from my office
– it looks like rain …

Planning lunch for Saturday
– Holiday Baking might seem out of season ;o)

Downloading something to hear while cleaning
– this time I chose a Koontz’ novel.

My parents’ house
– new street lamps are being set up.

My mother has beautiful gardenroses
– love the scent of them.

Grocery shopping for Saturday’s lunch.
The date.

Look at these beautiful purple bulbs
– and they say the city isn’t beautiful?

A quick dinner watching soccer.
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12 of 12

Yesterday was March 12th and thus it was time to take my 12 pictures. Thank you for the inspiration, Chad.

What a great mix: Gil Grissom working on solving some puzzle
or other and a Skype-conversation with Louise.

My days have been spent in the kitchen lately
– but I haven’t been cooking fancy dinners.

Ugh! The kitchen threw up all over the living room…
First order of the day:
make sure the paint only goes where you want it to go.

For some reason those bananas have
attached themselves to my work basket.

A few rays of sun and they hit
some of the essentials of interior decorating.

Aren’t those roots beautiful?

The flowers aren’t bad either.

Found a rice-boat shaped bowl and had to add
some citrus fruits to the mix. Love the colours.
Just a detail shot of those gorgeous shapes and colours.

An action shot of K.
See the Jelly Belly behind K?

With a few hours to go:

the picture showing the date.

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12 of 12 February

So here we go for my 12 of 12 for February. I guess an average Tuesday in the life of a full-time student isn’t all that exotic but it is a good life!

First things first – I check what’s new on Lifetime Moments to get the day started.

This month my date picture shows my updated scrap accountability blog.

Folding laundry – such a treat!

The gorgeous tulips K gave me on Friday.

Some light reading for my university class.

My little cute jelly belly sitting on the fridge making me smile.

The orange for my lunch.

This would be me checking to see if the postman might be on his way with a package.
The view out the front of my car window while stopped at a red light.

The car radio playing my favorite station.

This would be me waiting to pick my mother up at her work place.

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