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12 af 12 – Husmoderudgaven

Den taler jo sådan set for sig selv, samtidig med at den fint dokumenterer en dag i en husmoders liv.

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12 of 12 – December

Today’s blog post is in English because today is December 12 which means it is time for 12 of 12. It has been a nice and quiet Friday in December. I had breakfast with my mother and then we made a present for some friends. Our Friday mornings are a set tradition, I guees, and I really enjoy these mornings.

It’s been a dark and dreary day so there seems to be a focus on lights in this 12 of 12 of mine. I have always loved Christmas lights and candles – they really catch my eye in the dark.

This 12 of 12 is dedicated to Chad, who came up with the idea of 12 of 12, and who needs good thoughts at the moment. Hope you get a clean bill of health soon, Chad!

07:16: The view out of our window
– it looks a little bit like snow.

07.22: The local Christmas tree.
07.23: Our little car with a little “snow”.
07.40: My parents’ Christmas lights.
09.30: The date shot.
09.45: Working on the present.

10.37: Detail from my father’s Christmas railway.

11.50: Nope, that isn’t fire – just the laundry place…

13.42: One of the decorations.

13.54: Another decoration.

14.56: The Christmas card list
– and my favorite tv show Smagdommerne.

17.53: Light in the dark.

Have a beautiful December week-end.
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12 of 12 – October

Yesterday was a beautiful day – and thus a perfect day for 12 of 12. Here are my pics:

8.49: Time to put out the Halloween decorations.
Link to how-to for the pumpkins / græskar.

9: Some of the weapons used to create the pumpkins.

10.30: Date shot.

15.29: Rows of lovely pumpkins.

15.30: Yummy orange

15.32: Look at that sky – perfect fall.

15.35: My shadow at the apple sign.

15.42: Aren’t the beautiful?

15.49: And we were done shopping at the apple orchard.

15.53: Love the golden colours of fall.

16.56: Our Shrek car ;o)

17.24: Another golden fall beauty.
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12 of 12 – August

August 12 2008 was a wet day and thus a day spent inside of a hollow house ;o) I still managed to take 12 pictures for Chad Darnell’s 12 of 12 challenge.

9.05: Take cherry tomatoes, salt, peber and oil
– mix well and then put them in the oven at 100C.

9.10: Starting a scrapbooking project.

12.14: My sea urchin and dropped flowers.

12.54: My finished scrapbooking project.

15.15: Getting ready to write up class for LM’s anniversary crop.

15.16: When it rain it pours.

15.16: Red rain.

15.16: Purple rain.

17.02: Dh in the sunlight.

18.09: After hours and hours in the oven:
enjoy the tomatoes.

18.59: Pasta with greens.
19.37: Beating dh at Heck Meck
– oh and did you notice the ghost hands?
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