Kitty in trouble…

(Yep, there’s an apostrophe missing in the sentiment.
I’ve added one since it is actually missing from the stamp!)

When I got the My Favorite Things: I Knead You, K suggested a do a card where the kitty lying on his back was tangled in string. I got rather surprised by his suggestion and had to show him this card by Jennifer Mcguire. Obviously, K hadn’t seen it but his idea was pretty close to Jennifer’s – not bad for a non-stamper, I’d say! For the overall design of the card I stayed very close to Jennifer’s although I changed the colours and I chose a patterned paper rather than stamping on the background. I did do the little loop of twine next to the sentiment because I found that to be such a cute detail.

The trouble with K’s idea was that he wanted the string to both go under the kitty’s paws and across his chest. Jennifer only has the string go under the paws but K wasn’t entirely satisfied with the realism of that look. So I had to put on my thinking cap to see if I could satisfy K’s vision. What I ended up doing was cutting the paws free (and colouring their outlines black to make them look better) and pulled the string under each paw. After that I took a second piece of string and tied it around the chest of the kitty. This way I got exactly the look K was after: My kitty now is realistically entwined in the string ūüôā And I couldn’t help myself: I had to add one of the little mice to the scene. Just because they are too cute!



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3 Responses to Kitty in trouble…

  1. Birgit/mio says:

    Hvor er det godt Cecilie, sk√łnt at blive udfordret p√• den m√•de : )

  2. Benita says:

    Dejlig historie! Og lækkert kort.

  3. Camilla says:

    God ide ogs√• selvom Jennifer aleredet havde f√•et den ūüėČ

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