PL2015: Week 21

We had a lovely week on Samsø in week 21 spending an entire lazy week enjoying our friends and the beautiful landscape around us. This spread makes the weather look picture perfect but we did actually have rather a lot of rain… That’s the power of choosing which pictures to take / use.

We had brought a kite with us for Alma to try and fly with – and it was a huge success! Not only was Alma able to fly it by herself within five minutes of seeing how it was done – it was also really, really enjoyable for all four adults! So of course, I had to have a picture of the kite against a gorgeous blue sky as part of this week’s spread.

We went to a birds of prey show with Familien Skovgaard and it was an interesting and fun show where we got very close to the big birds. We also went walking, had pancakes, played games and just had a good time.



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