Liquid masking

When participating in Online Card Classes’ Mask-erade we were taught by Debby Hughes how to use liquid masking and water colour to create unique hand drawn patterns. This is a really fun technique and I created two cards that are fairly close to Debby’s designs but I do want to try and create new and different patterns in the future because this was fun! For this first card I hand drew a sunset scene which was easy – what was less easy was colouring it using the water colors: It does look like a sunset but it isn’t as subtle as I might have wanted it to be (here’s a chance to try again another time).

K thinks the sun looks like a Swedish cinnamon roll… I don’t know whether that is praise or not but I can see that it might be a bit swirly.

While I did like the sunset card, I really like Debby’s wood grain pattern and knew I had to give that a go too. I did my card and then I didn’t feel like covering up as much of the wood grain pattern as Debby had done on her original card. This led me to a much simpler embellishment scheme where I just added a word and a few wood dots.

I think this technique of using liquid masking to resist the water colours work really really well for organic patterns like the wood grain. It gives it a very natural look.


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