Stretch your stamps 2: Alphabet banner

On day #4 of Online Card Classes’ Stretch your stamps 2 Tami Hartley taught us how to use our alphabet stamps to create unique greetings on a watercolour banner. I really liked the idea and happily set to work only to find that this card takes A LOT of time to get done. Thankfully, I had a good time and loved to be able once more to do a Danish greeting on my card.

I had to turn my card on the side to fit in the longer Danish greeting but it is a card that can be turned either way.

I did the watercolouring using some Pelican colours I’ve just bought, and I am very happy with the way they work and the colours they produce.

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  1. Camilla says:

    Det er blevet rigtig flot så det har da været tiden værd ;). Herlige farver der lyser dejligt op på den fine hvide baggrund. Jeg må se at få fingre i et alfabet stempel, har jo både nu her og på kurset set der er mange gode muligheder i sådan et.

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