PTI Stamp-a-faire: Tea Staining Techniques

I didn’t really expect to jump feet first into the tea staining challenge but decided why not. I dyed some felt, lace and some fabric and in order to dry it I ironed it as well as using my hair dryer.

It might be difficult to see in this picture but there really is quite the difference between the original colours and the colours created by the tea staining process.

Once it came to actually using the stained felt and lace, I decided to go for a Christmas card and my made own version of this card. I updated the card to a pink and green version and I really love how it came out.

Both the lace (that used to be a bright white) and the pink felt has been dyed. The way the colours of the original felt has been toned down works really well for softer coloured papers – and for fall and winter projects.

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2 Responses to PTI Stamp-a-faire: Tea Staining Techniques

  1. Betsy Veldman says:

    I love how you tea dyed the colored felt to give it a more rustic feel.. I’m going to have to try that for sure!

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