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PTI Stamp-a-faire: Limited Ingredients Challenge

I think that this challenge might have been the one that really threw me… The colours aren’t the ones I’d reach for myself and coming up with something for them wasn’t easy. Until Betsy posted her recipe remix where she only used a few colours to create a stunning card. I lifted it as far as I could within the limitations set by the Limited Ingredients challenge – and I actually really like the end result. It looks like a soft “Welcome to the world baby” card.

Obviously, I couldn’t add the vellum, ribbon etc. but I embellished the flowers with some glitter which was allowed within the challenge. Once I got going this turned out to be a great challenge and one that really highlights how much we can do with just paper, stamps and inks. Very cool!

Thank you, Betsy for such a wonderful card ready to be lifted 🙂



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PTI Stamp-a-faire: Gallon:Quart:Pint

For Betsy’s Gallon: Quart: Pint challenge I went looking for a sketch that might lend itself to the two blue Christmas / winter papers I’d decided to work with. And I found this sketch. I liked that it was so clean while it still made perfect use of the theory of gallon, quart and pint. This colour combination might my favorite for the winter season and I use it often; I love how the tiny bit of red makes everything else pop so much more.

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