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Pinterest Challenge (fall edition)

Sherry from Young House Love and Katie from Bower Power has teamed up to challenge themselves and the rest of us “pinnera anonymous” to actually MAKE some of all the things we pin on Pinterest. I will say that I regularly do so but I thought I’d play along nonetheless.

When I pinned this stunning mix of the rubber bucket and the soft yarn balls I knew I wanted to make my own version come winter. Now is the time to do so.

When we were last in Denmark I bought a couple of rubber buckets to add to the one I already had at home. One of them is the perfect size for this project. I even had the styrofoam balls and the white yarn on hand. All I needed to shop for was the black and grey yarn and since this is about achieving a look of softness but not having to touch it, I went for a cheap type of yarn.

I used a small pin to keep the yarn attached to the top of the ball and then I started wrapping the ball in yarn. I fairly quickly determined it wasn’t as easy as described. My yarn wouldn’t stay put on the styrofoam so I had to invent a system that could help me deal with that problem.

The solution was more pins. They keep the yarn in place long enough for the glue to take and then I can move them to hold the next section of yarn. This works but adds a lot of time to the task compared to just wrapping the balls.

I assembled my entire kit and moved onto the couch since it was taking so much longer. It isn’t difficult just a bit tidious. And I even had to go buy more styrofoam balls since I didn’t have enough to fill the bucket.

While I think I could easily make a few more fake balls of yarn, I also think it works the way it looks now. It has a very warm feeling and I like the juxtaposition of the rubber bucket and the soft round balls of yarn.

At the moment the bucket has found a home on the stairs under my Ikea poster and next to another rubber bucket. I don’t think it will stay there but I need to decide where I might want it. And thankfully it is one of those things that can easily be moved from place to place.

Have you gotten around to making some of what you’ve pinned?

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