12 of 12 – December

Today’s blog post is in English because today is December 12 which means it is time for 12 of 12. It has been a nice and quiet Friday in December. I had breakfast with my mother and then we made a present for some friends. Our Friday mornings are a set tradition, I guees, and I really enjoy these mornings.

It’s been a dark and dreary day so there seems to be a focus on lights in this 12 of 12 of mine. I have always loved Christmas lights and candles – they really catch my eye in the dark.

This 12 of 12 is dedicated to Chad, who came up with the idea of 12 of 12, and who needs good thoughts at the moment. Hope you get a clean bill of health soon, Chad!

07:16: The view out of our window
– it looks a little bit like snow.

07.22: The local Christmas tree.
07.23: Our little car with a little “snow”.
07.40: My parents’ Christmas lights.
09.30: The date shot.
09.45: Working on the present.

10.37: Detail from my father’s Christmas railway.

11.50: Nope, that isn’t fire – just the laundry place…

13.42: One of the decorations.

13.54: Another decoration.

14.56: The Christmas card list
– and my favorite tv show Smagdommerne.

17.53: Light in the dark.

Have a beautiful December week-end.
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14 Responses to 12 of 12 – December

  1. Pete says:

    Very festive pics Cecilie! I would love to see more of your fathers train set, it looks very nicely crafted 🙂

  2. FrauP says:

    Lovely Christmas pics.

    Happy Holidays, Cecilie.

  3. Charlie says:

    Dejlige jule 12 of 12 fotos. Det lokale juletræ ser festligt ud – sådan lidt swirly form for lys. Tak for kigget.

  4. Hvor er det skønne vinterfotos du har taget… åhhh vil også have et nyt kamera, men ekstra linser til…

    Manden roder på nettet, og smider om sig med, Canon, Pentax og Nikon.. hvad ender det mon med 😉

    Hygge fra Betina

  5. LaChris says:

    Ihhh skønne og stemningsfulde pics ! Hold da op en liste med julekort du har !!!!!

  6. Dorit says:

    Ej, hvor er det altså sjovt, du har taget alle fotos’ene på sned, go’ idé. Kan godt li’ det lille billede af togbanen, rigtig hyglig med togbaner.
    Go’ Santa Luciadag !

  7. Margit says:

    Herlige fotos. Jeg kan så godt lide dine “skæve” billeder. Det har fået mig til selv at prøve skæv kameraføring af og til.
    Og alle dine billeder emmer bare af JUL og HYGGE.
    Rigtig god dag til dig.

  8. Martini Dan says:

    Great photos! Happy Holidays!

  9. Maribi says:

    Sikke nogle flotte billeder du har skudt, dejlig stemning i billederne. Lyder som om din mor og du rigitg hygger om fredagen, herligt…

  10. Chris says:

    Looks lovely — I love your father’s trains! I had a set when I was a kid, but I had to give it up when I grew up.

    Glædelig jul!

  11. Zippy says:

    Lovely photos! Christmas decorations always make me smile. Have a wonderful holiday!!


  12. silver horde says:

    Lovely photos! Not as much snow as I would have thought!!
    I forgot 12 of 12 but I have photos of the 11th!!
    aka epiphany

  13. Christin says:

    The pictures are so Christmas-y. Very beautiful! Happy Holidays and all the best for the New Year!

  14. Dogeared says:

    I love the two candle photos (especially the second one, with the red), and the Christmas tree photos – what a festive 12 of 12 for you, it was lovely!

    Sorry I’m late again – a weekend away and a nightmare trip back (arriving home at 5:20am). I look forward to seeing your 12 of 12s next year! Have a happy Christmas and New Year!

    Helen (Dogeared)

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