12 of 12 – August

August 12 2008 was a wet day and thus a day spent inside of a hollow house ;o) I still managed to take 12 pictures for Chad Darnell’s 12 of 12 challenge.

9.05: Take cherry tomatoes, salt, peber and oil
– mix well and then put them in the oven at 100C.

9.10: Starting a scrapbooking project.

12.14: My sea urchin and dropped flowers.

12.54: My finished scrapbooking project.

15.15: Getting ready to write up class for LM’s anniversary crop.

15.16: When it rain it pours.

15.16: Red rain.

15.16: Purple rain.

17.02: Dh in the sunlight.

18.09: After hours and hours in the oven:
enjoy the tomatoes.

18.59: Pasta with greens.
19.37: Beating dh at Heck Meck
– oh and did you notice the ghost hands?
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7 Responses to 12 of 12 – August

  1. Charlie says:

    Selv en kedelig regnvejrsdag kan du gøre spændende. Jeg var SIKKER på du havde glemt de der tomater i ovnen efterhånden som dagen skred frem (tihi – jeg kan jo huske risengrødsbomben endnu) – men sørme om ikke de kom lækre frem i slutningen af dagen. FIN æske du også fik lavet. Og jeps – jeg kan godt se spøgelsesfingrene!!

  2. catie says:

    What is Heck Meck?!

    Mmmm Pasta looked so yummy.

  3. Netti says:

    Hvor ser din dag hyggelig ud trods regnen..
    Lækker mad i skulle have – mums.

  4. silver horde says:

    Love your 12 of 12. Mine need editing!! The tomatoes look yummy. I do them that way but at a bit hotter temp. I’d love some rain!!
    Jane aka Epiphany!

  5. Ninik says:

    Loved your 12 of 12! Very nice pictures!

    Greetings from Mexico

  6. Loved your pictures – so many great colors in the greens, the tomatoes, and the flowers!

  7. Dogeared says:

    Great photos, I loved them! Especially the 15:16 flowers and the finished tomatoes shot – mmm I love roasted tomatoes!

    (sorry I’m late, I was away for a bit, then really busy!)

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