12 of 12 June

So, yesterday was June 12 which means that is was time for 12 of 12. I’ve forgotten to take pics for the past two months but I remembered yesterday.

The first pot of tea of the day.

Checking email – 2 unread and 326 read ones.
Ugh how I hate spam mail!

My fresh herbs in the kitchen window
– I love that there’s room for them there.

The view from my office
– it looks like rain …

Planning lunch for Saturday
– Holiday Baking might seem out of season ;o)

Downloading something to hear while cleaning
– this time I chose a Koontz’ novel.

My parents’ house
– new street lamps are being set up.

My mother has beautiful gardenroses
– love the scent of them.

Grocery shopping for Saturday’s lunch.
The date.

Look at these beautiful purple bulbs
– and they say the city isn’t beautiful?

A quick dinner watching soccer.
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9 Responses to 12 of 12 June

  1. Stine66 says:

    Dejlige billedet – TAK for kigget.
    TAK FOR ATC kort og den fine gave, det er bare alt for meget ( men jeg sender det ikke retur;-) Tusind tak.

  2. Jason says:

    Wow, mobile tea pot. I like that!

    Great view from your office.

    Thanks for sharing your day with us 🙂

  3. silver horde says:

    Very nice 12 of 12. Your city looks lovely and clean.

  4. Zippy says:

    Wonderful shot from your office. The rose photo is simply gorgeous!

  5. Susan says:

    these photos remind me just how much I miss you!! that tea pot brought it all back!

  6. Jeg syntes at det er en super ide. Det vil jeg prøve. Du er super til at tage billeder der er fyldt med stemning…

  7. Lisa B says:

    You have a great 12 of 12, lovely angles on your shots and I can almost smell the roses.

  8. Dogeared says:

    Pretty flowers, especially the purple ball ones! And I like the view from your office – especially with the darkening sky!

    How cool that you’re coming to England, and even more so that it’s Devon! As I’m likely to still be living here, I might even get to say hi! Whereabouts are you going? I live pretty much in the middle, halfway between Exeter and Plymouth – just on the edge of Dartmoor National Park. I love Devon, so I’m sure you will too!

  9. That was a very nice slice of your life for this month’s 12 of 12. Thanks for sharing.

    I am always drawn to any 12 of 12 that hails from Denmark. After being an exchange student in Sakskøbing 20 years ago I still long for my ‘home away from home.’

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