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12 of 12

Yesterday was March 12th and thus it was time to take my 12 pictures. Thank you for the inspiration, Chad.

What a great mix: Gil Grissom working on solving some puzzle
or other and a Skype-conversation with Louise.

My days have been spent in the kitchen lately
– but I haven’t been cooking fancy dinners.

Ugh! The kitchen threw up all over the living room…
First order of the day:
make sure the paint only goes where you want it to go.

For some reason those bananas have
attached themselves to my work basket.

A few rays of sun and they hit
some of the essentials of interior decorating.

Aren’t those roots beautiful?

The flowers aren’t bad either.

Found a rice-boat shaped bowl and had to add
some citrus fruits to the mix. Love the colours.
Just a detail shot of those gorgeous shapes and colours.

An action shot of K.
See the Jelly Belly behind K?

With a few hours to go:

the picture showing the date.

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